COVID-19 Awareness

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The Masters is open 24/7 during Covid-19 and will continue to provide exceptional services throughout these difficult times. We have implemented "Covid-19 Awareness" into our business procedures in order to deliver clean and safe services to all of our customers.

  • All of our technicians will provide services while wearing masks and nitrile gloves
  • *All communication will be done via telephone, email, or skype in order to avoid physical contact
  • *All equipment serviced will be disinfected by the technicians upon departure
  • *For all repairs, services, and installations no physical contact is necessary with our staff
  • *Hepa filters installed on all systems which are serviced free of charge
  • *Most heating and cooling units are located in the basement or attic.
    This minimizes direct contact with the technicians. Upon arrival simply leave the access doors open, and our technicians will take care of the rest.
  • *All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted
  • *During this pandemic many people have been affected economically.
    Many have lost their businesses and their jobs. Because of this we have implemented a new discounts page with brand new discounts. Visit our Discounts page and Call Us Now.
  • *Can't afford a new system?
    We are the only company in Massachusetts that still repair, service and re-charge old R-22 systems!
  • *R-22 refrigerant available!
  • *R-22 repair and service parts available
  • *All payments are received over the phone to avoid any physical contact with our staff
  • *No physical contact required in order to make a payment.
    Invoices and receipts are placed in your mailbox in an air tight seal, or can be conveniently emailed directly to your email address.

"Click here to view our discounts